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250 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - London Looking East
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The very first panoramic city illustration by Hartwig Braun. Spending evenings and weekends on the illustration and design, it was completed over a period of around eight months whilst working full-time as an Architect. Each section grew organically where it literally took on a life of its own! Featuring numerous recognisable landmarks of central London including Westminster and also showing the South Bank, the City and east.

These beautiful and challenging wooden jigsaw puzzles are especially cut for us in the UK by The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw company. You might think that 250 pieces is not a lot but when there are no two pieces a like and the corner pieces are also cut - this jigsaw would prove a challenge even for experienced jigsaw enthusiasts. Each jigsaw includes around 20 uniquely shaped pieces (whimsies) themed with the jigsaw city design.

Using computer controlled lasers and state of the art technology, Wentworth has become known for its quality and design. Most of their wooden puzzles include the famous unique themed whimsy jigsaw pieces. Whimsies are specially shaped pieces cut into puzzles "on a whim" by Victorian hand cutter and Wentworth are one of the only companies still producing these unique puzzles.

Design: 'London Looking North' by Hartwig Braun.

Number of pieces: 250 pieces including Whimsies.

The completed jigsaw puzzle size is: 450 x 250mm (17.7 x 9.8in)

Proudly made for us in the UK.