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The Entrepreneur - Isaac


A natural entrepreneur and the driving force behind Arty Globe, Isaac is always looking at original ways to develop the business. From seeing his initial vision of Hartwig’s artwork on an array of merchandise back in 2005, Isaac has initiated and overseen all the collaborations, bespoke commissions and also been instrumental in the progress of the business: from weekend market stall to shop, then to larger retail unit in Greenwich Market.

Hugely influential in the Dragon’s Den application and pitch, he saw this as a great opportunity for presentation of the brand on a bigger stage (he is also a big fan!) and despite no funding from the panel, it wasn’t taken as a setback, but just the added push he needed to develop the business.

Originally from Israel but now settled here in the UK, even from a young age the inquisitive Isaac held a fascination for how things work, from maths to Lego and science kits, then progressing to the first ZX Spectrum computers and IBM PC’s being frequently absorbed in the mechanics of them. If he wasn’t building a computer then he would be analysing them, pulling them apart, upgrading them and generally tinkering away and discovering ways of improving their performance and capabilities!

A passion for business led him to the UK aged 23 and he has stayed put in London ever since. Over the years he has adapted and developed his skills across many industry sectors including; Property, Automobile and Professional Services in IT and Accounting. It’s never been about the money for him, it’s always been about the challenge, continuous learning and putting that know-how into practice. Always happy to provide a friendly ear and offer sound business advice to friends, family and colleagues, his passion and commitment to encourage entrepreneurship is taking him into more formal initiatives with other creative businesses and artisans in the local area.


“It all started after I noticed a small illustration of Amsterdam done by Hartwig. I pestered him to do a full size image of London and after six months he finally agreed. Then he did Paris, New York and Berlin too. He puts a lot of time and energy into each of his hand drawn images. It is a great reward for us both to see what amazing opportunities have opened to us in such a short period of time.” (I. Lilos)